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Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound


Stress is the source of the disease. Did you experience stress-related illness?(stress anxiety, insomnia, depression and anxiety disorders and other mental disorders)The 'Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound' present a supplementary resolution. Anxiety, anger, depression, occur arises, Find your peace of mind and stability mental conditions the natural sounds and visual images-----------How to Use-----------First, the sounds of nature (rain, thunder / lightning, wind, woods, streams, ocean, fire) to adjust the volume of the sound of their favorite combination here.(White noise) Use the buttons at the bottom to select the desired visual image focused on the period of time.
-----------Button tip-----------Rain : energy, fatigue, serenityWave : hypnosis, trauma, concentration, post-traumatic stress(Various phobias)Forest : stress, urge, angerSpace : stability, sleep disorders (insomnia, narcolepsy), distractionFire : vitality, depression, anger, mood swings
* The time according to the person and the sound effects, the effect of the visual image can be changed.* This application is an auxiliary device for diverting the mind and is not a medical device. Do not have blind faith in grave condition effects, be sure to consult your doctor.